Why choose Certified?

When you choose to entrust your computer and network systems to a certified tech, you know that you are dealing with a highly trained technician who has learned just about everything there is to know about technology in regards to service.  At ACGS, we have a wide range of certifications including Microsoft, Dell, CompTia, Cisco, and more.

Don’t Risk It – Use A Certified Tech!

If your data is important to you, if your network security is important to you, you should use a technician who is certified, as anyone could pick up a mouse and call themselves a computer tech. We see it all the time – just because you know a guy who is “techie” does not mean you should entrust him to work on your important and sensitive equipment. It’s NOT worth the money you think you are saving.  It is the certification which lets you know that the technician knows what he or she is doing.  They’ve done the work, studied and passed the tests, and have continued to keep up on the latest technology.  It’s important!

At ACGS, our knowledgeable team of certified professionals will be there for you. We promise to provide you with the best, most cost-efficient and individualized computer support available. We have the experience and the knowledge to get your systems back up and running. For our customer’s convenience, ACGS offers in-store support from their two local service centers and on-site/at home support for cost-effective computer system service.

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